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STEM Tutoring: Math through Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Standardized Tests (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT)

My mission at Fuhrman Tutoring is simple: to provide high-quality academic support to my students using today's technology for virtual learning.

Due to COVID-19, so many students are studying from home - it can be very frustrating, especially for the STEM subjects! Compounding this, parents are not always the best resource for these topics.

I can help!

I have been successfully tutoring students online for 5+ years. This virtual learning environment is not new for me.

In my experience, students often say to me, "I understand the concept, but I cannot do the problems." I find the the exact opposite situation exists. The students have often learned how to copy the method for solving a particular problem by following the examples. However, they have not mastered the concept at all - so when the problem looks just a little different from the example, they flounder. So, rather than "just" showing a student how to attack a problem, I focus on teaching the concepts. Once the concepts are mastered, then the student can do every problem!

I love watching students transform from timid to confident!! When students struggle academically, they can become frustrated - and even worse, their self-image can suffer. I LOVE when students get a handle on the subject material and it genuinely makes them happier!

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